What are the benefits?


Save the world!

Fossil fuels are running out and so is our ozone layer. Solar power is just the gift that keeps giving with virtually no potential for pollution and an energy source that is not consumed, it makes for a highly sustainable energy option for homes and businesses alike.

Lower those pesky power bills

Australia has some of the most exorbitant power prices on the planet, unfortunately these prices are just going to continue to go up. This combined with the low solar system costings and high government rebates leads to solar power being a safe, high return investment for almost every household/business. On average we see a 75% reduction on the electricity bill.

Give your property more appeal

Solar is a highly sought feature for homes, renters or potential buyers alike. Having solar on your roof can increase interest and potentially add value to your property.

Sell unused power

Your electricity retailer will pay you a feed in tariff for all units exported to the grid.

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What is solar power?

Check out this video explaining how solar works courtesy of National Geographic!