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Solar Panel Cleaning, Worth It?

Let's go over some facts and figures

There has always been a lot of mixed reports on whether or not solar panel cleaning is a worthwhile investment. Here are the facts, you decide!

The vast majority of solar systems are connected in string which put simply means they are connected in a big loop. 

Unfortunately you can only output the same amount as the lowest performing panel in the loop and so if a single panels efficiency is reduced by 15% due to build up it will result in a 15% loss on every other panel in the loop, assuming the string has 10 panels you could lose 1.5 panels through build up.

How significant is 1.5 panels in dollar figures? 

Annually 405 watts of solar energy (1.5 270w solar panels) can produce up to 650 units, which at a cost per unit of 25 cents makes $162.60 in lost savings on just 10 panels! 

If you have a 6.5Kw system that is $390 lost annually! 

Cleaning will also help prevent a common fault know as hot spots (cracks in the cell caused by debris blocking the sunlight) and assist in keeping the modules temperature down. 

Have a look at our pricing below, our annual cleaning cost is considerably lower than your potential saving.



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